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APUSH First Semester Review

First Semester APUSH Stuff to Know:

Pre-Colombian societies

Discovery and Colombian Exchange

Colonization and comparison – Spanish, English, French, Dutch

Early Colonization –English (Jamestown, Plymouth)

Middle Colonial – New England, Middle, Southern Colonies (SPRITE)

Causes of the Revolution

American Revolution

Articles of Confederation

Constitution (Federalists/Anti-Federalists)

ADMINISTRATIONS (Foreign/Domestic Policy and Political Parties):

George Washington

John Adams



War of 1812

Era of Good Feelings

Election of 1824

Age of Jackson


American Development (1800-50 à Massive Growth)

American nationalism (Culture, Lit, Art)

Reform Movements

Territorial Expansion (Texas, Mexican War, Florida, etc)

Decade of the 1850s/Causes of the Civil War

Civil War