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AP Psych Review for Exam

Hi use the documents below to review for the AP EXAM
Good Luck.
HI Here is a list of ESSENTIAL people to know:

Adler, Alfred

Asch, Solomon

Bandura, Albert

Beck, Aaron

Binet, Alfred

Cannon, Walter

Chomsky, Noam

Darwin, Charles

Ekman, Paul

Erikson, Erik

Eysenck, Hans

Freud, Sigmund

Gardner, Howard

Helmholtz, Hermann von

Kinsey, Alfred

Kohlberg, Lawrence

Lazarus, Richard

Loftus, Elizabeth

Maslow, Abraham

Masters, William

Milgram, Stanley

Pavlov, Ivan

Piaget, Jean

Rogers, Carl

Schachter, Stanley

Skinner, B. F.

Sperry, Roger

Thorndike, Edward

Vygotsky, Lev

Watson, John

Wechsler, David

Please take time to look at the EXTRA SPECIAL REVIEW...
If you use this site for review and send me an email expressing gratitude for my efforts this year, I will express gratititude in the form of EXTRA CREDIT.   :)               
See the Student Created PPTS for help.