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The Civil War/War Between the States

Eyewitness to Sherman's March:
The Civil War by Ken Burns very good... watch episode 1 and 2.
Study Guide for the Series:
Episode 2 deals with Shilo at 33 minutes. (the Hornets Nest) 
Episode 3, Foreign Policy France and Britain in the War, New Orleans Occupation (Min 11), Lincoln quote about slavery or the Union (Min 39)Antietam (Min 40) "The Corn Field", "The Sunken Road" Emancipation Proclamation (60 min),  
Episode 4, 1863, Diseases (Min 5) Fredricksburg, Marie's Heights (min 9) Soldier Life (min 21-42)
Chancelorsville (min 42)
Episode 5 Gettysburg (6 Min), Little Roundtop (Min 17)
Civil War Documents See below Reconstruction Video (Very Good)
Women in civil war
Alliance: Britain and France
Manifest Destiny
1830s Sectionalism
Bleeding Kansas 1850s
Preston Brooks vs. Charles Sumner
Force bill
Industrialization 1800-1850
1700s Late Colonial- Government Structure
Decade of 1850
Abolitionist Movement
Civil War
First Party System
Marshall Court cases:
Marbury vs. Madison
Gibbon vs. Ogden
Fletcher vs. peck
Treaty of Paris
Slavery 1850s
Mexican-American war
Common Sense
Black codes
Shay’s Rebellion
Denmark Vessey
Gabriel Prosser
Nat Turner
Harpers Ferry
Ostend Manifesto
Stamp Act
Missouri Compromise
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Emancipation Proclamation
Dred Scott Case
Women’s Rights
Andrew Johnson 1800-1850
James K. Polk