APUSH Second Semester

Semester 2
Gilded Age to Reagan McElhaney Curriculum Links
We Didn't Start the Fire (Link) (#2)
WDSTF Topics defined:
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Gilded Age Mac Docs and Videos


Gilded Age Matrix.docx


6.1 Gilded Age Intro Matrix Video

P6.2 Industrialization Pos.Neg Effects Bessemer and Rail Roads and Grangers Video

P6.3 Other Industries Ford Assembly Line Taylorism GOP Dems Capitalism Video

P6.4 part 1 Gilded Age Robber Barons Horizontal and Vertical integration Video

P6.4 Part 2 Gilded Age JP Morgan Corporations and Stock Sherman Antitrust Video

P6.5 Gilded Age Supporters and Critics of Capitalism Henry George Video

P6.6 Gilded Age Working Conditions and Economic Cycle Video

P6.7 Unions Marxism overview Video

P6.8 Unions Knights of Labor AFL IWW Video

P6.9 Unions Great Railroad Strike Homestead Strike Video

P6.10 Unions Haymarket Video

Video P6.11 Urbanization and Immigrations Chinese Exclusion Act

P6.12 Urban Poverty and How the Other Half Lives Video

P6.13 Political Machine Boss Tweed Jane Adams Video

P6.14 Politics Gilded Age Hayes Garfield Assassination Grover Cleveland Video

P6.15 Panic of 1893 Coxeys Army Video

P6.16 Populists Mary E. Lease Election 1896 Williams Jennings Bryan Video

PowerPoints and Docs

2020 Brinkley Chapter 17 Industrial Supremacy.doc 

2020 Brinkley Chapter 18 The Age of the City.doc

Reading native Americans American Colossus  Lakota’s Last Stand  and Dialectical Journal

Book How The Other Half Lives

P6 Gilded Age PowerPoint

P6.2 Unions 1850.1905.2019.ppt

New Union Lecture.doc

The Unions info gilded age.doc

Study Guide Gilded Age Part 1

Study Guide for Glided Age Part 2


PBS Gilded Age Videos:

GA 1 Intro Gilded Age (3min)

GA 2 Immigration and  Opportunity (5min)

GA 3 Railroads and Farmers and Populists (11min)

GA 4 Carnegie and Homestead together (18min)

PBS Video Carnegie and Homestead Strike (11min)

GA 5 Henry George (7min)

Chinese and the Railroad (7min)

Steel and Homestead Strike (11min)

GA 6 Panic of 1893 and Coxey’s Army (11min)

GA 7 JP Morgan and Gold Standard (17miin)

GA 8 Election of 1896 (12min)

NY PBS Videos

NY Jacob Riis and Poverty and Immigration (14min)

NY Poverty JP Morgan, Henry George (10min)

NY Immigrants Poor and Tammany Hall (18min)

NY Irish Arrival 1836 (29min)

NY LIncoln Arrives 1860 NY Cooper Union Speech and Draft Riots 1863 (37min)

NY Walt Whitman impression of NY (11min)

NY The City Begins 1820s


Chicago PBS Videos

Chicago Jane Addams and Hull House (11min)

Chicago Poverty and Corruption in the City (13min)

Chicago Fire 1871 (7min)

Chicago Edward Bellamy (after haymarket) (3min)

Chicago Socialists and Haymarket (24min)

Chicago Great Railroad Strike (6min)

Chicago Immigrant Neighborhoods Yards Bar Story (4min)

Chicago Meat Packing (10min)

Chicago 1840s Anti-Irish NINA (2min)

Chicago Early Immigrants Germans and Pork Packing (11min)

Chicago Pollution and disease Bubbly Creek (2min)

Chicago McCormick Reaper Factory (5min)

Chicago Erie Canal (3min)

President Charts:

President Charts

Nixon Videos

Watergate Cartoon Video 2

Biography of Nixon Video 1 Short


Ford Administration