World War I America


WWI Video


Mobilization for WWI altered the lives of millions of civilians.  Describe the impact on the American society to three of the following:

  1. Women and the war effort (military, munitions manufacturing)
  2. African Americans (Great Migration, push pull factors)
  3. Critics-Curbing dissent (Civil Liberties- Espionage Act- Sedition Act)
  4. Funding for the war (Income, Corporate, excise taxes, War Bonds, Loans)
  5. Administration of Resources -Fuel and food (Food Administration, Wheat, sugar, meat)

Part 1. American Involvement in WWI

  1. Explain why Americans had difficulty remaining Neutral; include details related to ethnic ties and economic ties?
  2. Why did Wilson eventually decide to support War against the Central Powers?
  3. How did women contribute to the War Effort?
  4. How were African American lives effected by World War I?  
  5. How and why did Wilson follow Lincoln’s example in curbing dissent in America during wartime?  Cite examples of this policy during World War I.
  6. How did Wilson try to encourage patriotism?
  7. How did Wilson’s administration manage resources for the war effort?  Cite examples of war time programs and how they functioned.
  8. How did Wilson fund the war?
  9. How do Wilson’s 14 points reflect Moral Diplomacy?
  10. Explain why the Republicans reject the Treaty of Versailles. (Wilson’s failure to compromise)