Patrick McElhaney » 1800-1850 Sectionalism + Monroe to Jackson

1800-1850 Sectionalism + Monroe to Jackson

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Items on the November 22 Test: Alien and Sedition Act Eli Whitney Thomas Jefferson's Presidency Constitutional Convention Hamilton Confederation Congress and Articles of Confederation Rosseu- Baggot Treaty WAR OF 1812 Barberry vs Madison Tariff of 1816 Embargo Monroe Doctine Denmocrat Repubs vs Federalists Declaration of Independence Bill of Rights Hartford Convention Writing of the constitution Old Leaders and New Leaders of Independence Foreign Policy- Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe Adams- Onus Treaty Louisiana Purchase Population living in cities in 1800 (%) Missouri Compromise Supreme Court Non-Intercourse Act Burr Marshall North-West Ordinance Henry Clay Impressment 1800 election Revolution of 1800 Rip Van Winkle was written by Washington Irving Sectionalism Colonial Era Assumption Impeachment Common Sense Henry Rossoeu John Quincy Adams Jay Treaty Branches of government French and Indian War- Grenville, Townshed, Lord North Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions Corruption