Psych Child Development


See the New PPt. "Myers Development, Life Span Approach"

Module 45 Developmental Issues, Prenatal Development, and the Newborn Pg. 462-471

Module 46 Infancy and Childhood: Physical Development Pg. 471-476

Module 47 Infancy and Childhood: Cognitive Development Pg. 476-488

Module 48 Infancy and Childhood: Social Development Pg. 488-500

Module 49 Gender Development: Pg. 500-508

Module 50 Parents, Peers and Early Experience: Pg. 508-513

Module 51 Adolescence: Physical and Cognitive Development Pg. 513--519

Module 52 Adolescence: Social Development and Emerging Adulthood Pg. 519-5


Module 53 Sexual Development Pg. 526-539

Module 54 Adulthood Physical, Cognitive and Social Development Pg. 539-55

Parenting Tips Middle Adolescence (15-17 years old)
Stages of Social Emotional Development: (Erikson)
Separation Anxiety Disorder:
Harry Harlow and Baby Monkey Experiments:

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Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology 
Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 
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