Motivation and Emotion AP Psych

Chapter 12 Motivation and Emotion Page 430
AP Outline
VIII. Motivation and Emotion (7–9%)
A. Biological Bases
B. Theories of Motivation
C. Hunger, Thirst, Sex, and Pain
D. Social Motives
E. Theories of Emotion
F. Stress
Theme: Our behavior is energized and directed by motives and emotions
Chapter deals with:
Links between motives and emotions
Basic motives:
Thirst, Hunger then connect how emotions affect us
Hunger is monitored within the brain
Motivated behavior is influenced by:
• learned habits
• External cues
• Cultural values
Activities are related to needs for stimulation to maintain arousal
Needs + Motives are learned
Emotions help us to adapt to environment
Emotional Knowledge =
Self awareness
Can manage feelings
Can use emotions
Romantic love is in this chapter
TED Talk on Emotion ins public speaking and Body Language
Amy Cuddy
Ekman Deception
More Ekman