California Scholarship Federation

California Scholarship Federation - Chapter 189

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What is CSF? The California Scholarship Federation is a state-wide organization that honors academic scholars and provides them with the opportunities to pursue altruism within their community. We take pride in our motto: "Scholarship for Service."

How can I get involved? Meetings will be held on the first and third Wednesday of every month. You are required to apply for membership at the beginning of each semester. Applications for the first semester of the 2016-17 school year will be available for pick-up on September 21, and will be due on September 30. A minimum of four semesters (with two of them in your senior year) are required for CSF privileges at graduation. You may also pursue either active or inactive membership (see below).

How do I qualify to be a member? You must fulfill a prerequisite minimum number of points that correspond to the grades you earned in the semester prior to your application period. To apply, submit a CSF application that reports your grades and classes from the previous semester (points system is outlined on the application) and attach it to a copy of your official grade transcript from that semester. If you meet the minimum number of academic points through your grades and can verify it with your transcript, you can become a member of CSF. Freshmen are not eligible to apply during their first semester because they do not have high school transcripts or grade reports on record.

What is the difference between active/inactive members? If you meet the qualifications to apply to CSF and submit your application with a transcript by or before the deadline, you will automatically become an inactive member. Inactive members are not required to attend any meetings or fulfill any community service requirements. To be an active member, you must attend 2/3 of all CSF meetings, complete 15 hours of community service per semester, and participate in a minimum of one CSF service-project. We will provide various information and opportunities to fulfill service hours throughout the semester. In order to affirm your active status, you must submit a verification of individual service hours completed at the end of the semester. Active members will receive special graduation privileges, most notably, sitting in the front row.

How can I learn more? The best place to stay up-to-date with CSF news and information is through the PLHS CSF Blogspot page: Please subscribe to get updates of upcoming CSF meetings, projects, and events. Also, be sure to attend the first information session of the 2016-17 school year: September 21, 2016 in the PAC!

2016-2017 Officers


Vice President: 

Vice President: 



Membership Coordinator:

Communications Coordinator: 

Publicity Coordinator: 

Senior Class Representative: 

Vice Senior Representative: 

Junior Class Representative:

Vice Junior Representative: 

Sophomore Class Representative: 

Vice Sophomore Representative: 


 Members 2017-2018 2nd Semester:

Class of 2018

Active Members

Caroline Hill
Jordan Flores
Abigail Bates
Travis Choy
Trevor Sykes
Trent Webster
Devon Donion
Natalie Stone
Kassia Love
Peyton VanArsdale
Shelby Smith
Roby Gagnon
Jennifer Knickerbocker
Delaney Sanders
Mason Brown
Matthew Maas
Jobeth Liwanag
Ava Stevenson
Omens (inactive)

Class of 2019 

Sinai Vargas
Zach Azer
Benjamin Berry
Bryce Campbell
Estiben Cardenas
Meghan Cavanaugh
Rianna Chuidian
Kaylee Cooper
Alexa Crim
Erin Feehley
Jake Fritzges
Matthew Gates
Levin Geurra
Evelyn Ha
Haven Heffernan
Mia Hegerle
Katelyn Hicks
Sophia Inzunza
Erica Johnson
Taylor Kietzke
Princess Labrador
Kenna Lakey
Samantha Lambert
Shanon Lee
Jack Loewer
Jessie May
Tigerlily Maynard
Nolan Morwood
Katharine Olcott
Lucas Pape
Ellason Peter
Jennifer Power
Brooke Rodi
Megan Rodi
Emily Rose
Sofia Roussos
Sally (Sarah) Schedel
Grace Schedel
Sage Simms
Julia Smith
Amelia Smith
Janel Sytko
Olivia Teague
Sarah Thomson
Kristen Vedder
Daniel Velasco
Kaiulani Williams
Rana Willink
Casey Wilson
Michael Larraga
Brooke Rodi
Jett Blocker
Caitlin Brady
Morgan Jacobsen
Philip Diana
Kensington Thornros
Hailey Blue
Alyssa Bowler
Tara DeBenedetto
Juliet DeFreitas
Ian Anderson
Michelle Avina
Lauren Barton
Geoffrey Bocaya
Oscar Bouris
Mikey Curtis
Jack Kelleher
Ethan Okazaki
Clara Page
Katherine Rzepczynski
Karenna Tirpak
Gwendolyn Zirkle
Roger Zucchet
Austin Tran
Brendan Burns
Mataya Hernandez
Malia Humphry
Rubi Miller
Sarah Muñoz
Kyra Vaughn

Class of 2020 

Sean Kiyohara
Kayla Hansen
Jenna Calin
Loretta Kapinski
Tristan Stafford
Andrew Tepper
Elena Medina
Hallie Mayer
Veronica Stecker
Sadie Heckman
Camille Sytko
Jacqueline Wheeler
Gina Accomazzo
Sierra King
Emilie Coon
Kaitlyn Caulson
Aideen Cox
Turner Kaminski
Ryan Lista
Kamila Mendoza
Cecilia Young
Gianna Segale
Brandon Troung
William Leaf
Marina McClane
cyril Kobey
Magdaline Kuhn
gigi sippiora
zoe lathem
Kylie Shults


Class of 2021

Arnold Carson
Celia Fisher
Estelle Villarreal
Abigail Antonio
Sierra Courchesne
Quinn Dodd-Spiegelberg
Phoebe Haas
Breegan O'Hearn
Naomi Christian
Sara Parker
Madelyn Wozniak
Kyla Nadelstadt
Sarah Dong
Christopher Fithen
Toloue Mansournia
Amber Werth
Owen Robertson
Georgia Morgan
Julia Borger
Paige Lambert
Grace Caltabellotta
Carly Rosier
Zane Sieger