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Web Link to "Beautiful Brains"
“Beautiful Brains” The Teenage Brain National Geographic

1.How does David describe teenage behavior?

2.What was the previous understanding/explanation for teenage behavior?

3.What is his explanation for teenage behavior?

4.What new insight do we have regarding the physiology of the teenage brain?

5.  What new understanding do you have about the "Teenage Brain" after reading this article? (be sure to review what you learned from this article)

New Link on the Teenage Brain: 
Please check the "Brain Stuff" Document for some notes on Brain.
Also look PDFs at "Brain Scans" and "Parts of Brain" student one pagers from 2009-2010.
Check the 40 studies if you need another copy of the article.
new Link to Effect of Stress on Hormones---> Cortisol
Great Study Guide and Powerpoint for chapter 2. Below... well worth you while to study.
Dr. Oliver Sacks article about his life:
Check this link:
The Brain Game:
Oliver Sacks video Link
Oliver Sacks video 2 Link