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See below for 2016-17 Syllabus.
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Unit 1 
Ch. 1 History and Approaches
Ch. 2 Research Methods  
Yale Psychology 101 videos:
More Videos that are very good reviews:
Personality Assessment:
FRQ's for AP Psych
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Here's a good link for lots of review items on the AP Exam
Check out the new document (PDF format) on:
One Brain or Two
"The Secret Life of the Brain"
Hypnosis link:
Follow the link, go to this WEB SITE and read it before Friday, January 18
Interested in Lobotomi?
Watch the American Experience on KPBS.
Consideration Credit:

 Students who want to improve grades should read a non fiction psychology book before the end of the semester, and share insights with Mr. McElhaney.
Texts must be approved.  Check the document "psych reading list" below.
It could be of significant value.
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APA Research Paper Writing Format
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Sensation Links:
Vision Jeopardy:
Two good documentaries shows you can see from home Computer:
College Board AP Psychology Outline