Aaron Price Fellows

Aaron Price is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They only recruit participants while they are in the 9th grade. Do not let this opportunity pass you by.
Aaron Price Website:  http://aaronpricefellows.org/
Aaron Price Fellows Program will recruit during freshmen presentations in February.  At that time applications will be made available. Learn about this program and see if you share Aaron’s values, including a desire to understand and get along with all people from diverse backgrounds, a zest for life, a curiosity about the world, and caring for others, at www.aaronpricefellows.org


•Good academic standing
•Good attendance
•Availability of time on selected evenings, weekends and one week during the summer.
•Interest in government, the arts, business and community activities.
•Desire to explore future educational and career opportunities.
•Openness to friendships with individuals of different ethnicities, cultures and points of view.
•Willingness to maintain an open mind.