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Community Service is HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommended for students at Point Loma High School.   At least 75 hours is recommended, even more if you will be choosing to attend a college/university or will attempt to get scholarships & grants to offset the cost of your education.
First... relax. Community Service is rewarding. We welcome students who can change the world, start a movement, put in 100+ hours... but we also know that you can change the world by starting on your own street.
You can do service as simple and profound as watching the single mom's kids on Saturday morning so she can get groceries without them tagging along. Sounds too easy... it's a HUGE gift to that mom. What about that elderly lady down the street who just lost her husband and now can't mow her her out by weeding and mowing or doing minor repairs. Those little things are wonderful gifts to the people you help.
OR - do something more formal... Boys/Girls Club, Senior Center reader, tutor at your neighborhood elementary school, Food Bank, or the Animal Shelter. Use the volunteer guide (linked at right) to find other ideas. It is a fantastic tool to help you search for the perfect organization to partner with for your community service hours. 
You need to keep track of where you serve and the hours that you serve. Timesheets and time logs are linked at the right so that you can choose the one to fit your needs and begin to track your hours. These time sheets/logs are also valuable tools as you apply to college and for scholarships! 
Even more helpful to you though, is a letter of verification/recommendation at the beginning of your senior year.  THEN you will have a valuable tool for your job, college and scholarship applications.
The website is a fantastic resource for one-day opportunities, new organizations and up-to-date information. The links at the right are valuable resources in your search for community service.  The volunteer San Diego Youth Site is directly linked in our "links" page.