Gifts and Grants

The PLHS Pointer Association (PLHSPA) is currently accepting grant applications from faculty and staff members. If you are in need of materials, equipment, and/or programs that enrich the PLHS educational experience for all students, please fill out a grant request. All purchases funded with PLHSPA grant money are considered a “donation” to the school and shall remain as property of Point Loma High School. In this award cycle, we expect to fund up to $15,000 in grants through the Spring of 2020.

This year, the Gifts & Grants Application Form will be filled out and submitted online at:

Questions can be emailed to Kathee Weisenberg: [email protected]

NOTE: Please submit only one proposal per department or program or club. Only teachers and staff may submit the Gift & Grant Application Form. (An exception is that a student club president may submit a request, but it must be cleared with the teacher advisor.) In order to make awards to many areas serving a broad variety of students, the maximum amount is $1,000 per application request. If a request for more than the limit is made, the department head or program director or club advisor will be contacted to revise the request.

If you have additional information that you would like to submit, please email the attachment(s) directly to Kathee Weisenberg after you have submitted your request form.


       Application Deadline    Funding Notice Date

       November 6, 2019         December 2019


Applications will be reviewed by our Gifts & Grants Committee. The Committee will make a recommendation to the PLHSPA Board of Directors, and proposals will then be voted on by the PLHSPA Board of Directors. You may be contacted to provide additional information. All, a portion or none of the requested amount may be awarded. Awards will be granted based on available funds and funding priorities. You will be notified of the status of your request by the above funding date.


Our grants are meant to provide funds for current needs and projects for which other funding is not available.  Regretfully, we do not provide funding for the following:


Cash awards, scholarships or equivalent;

Previously incurred expenses and/or debt, nor funds to be saved for expenses beyond June, 2018;

Equipment/materials that the school district supplies;

Professional Development.


All funds awarded must be spent by June 2018. Grant recipients may request that checks be written directly to vendors, or we can reimburse you for approved grant expenses. Any unused portion of your grant award will remain with the PLHSPA to be used at its discretion.


Thank you for all that you do for PLHS students!