Board & Contact Info

Title Name Email
President Brant Brockett [email protected]

Vice President 


Scott Deschenes


[email protected]


Secretary Dana Nuanez

[email protected]


Assistant Treasurer, Deposits

Tom Xitco
Emma Hosmer

[email protected]
[email protected]


Internal Chair Review Misty Deschenes [email protected]
Auditor vacant  
Pointer Association Directors & Chairs (External)
Publicity Chair  vacant  
Alumni Relations Director Kim Jessop-Moore [email protected]
Public Relations Director vacant  
Communications Director Leigh Burdine [email protected]
 Eblast Leigh Burdine [email protected]
 Website vacant


Graphic Artist Kelly Greene [email protected]
Fundraising Director Available  
 Pointer Association Directors & Chairs (Internal)    
Athletic & Arts Boosters Director Nicole Taylor [email protected]
Protect Our Pointers Chair  


Protect Our Pointers Treasurer  


Art Booster Director Nicole Taylor

[email protected]

Activities & Projects Director Becky Rhea  [email protected] 
Campus Facilities Chair Gary Komo

 [email protected]

Principal Kelly Lowry [email protected]
Faculty Representative Amy Denney [email protected]
Athletic Director Manny Diaz [email protected]
ASB President Madelyn Wozniak  
Head Counselor Sarah Brandl

[email protected]



Chair, PA Mail Pick Up/Distribution  


PA Family/Alumni/Business Banner Chair    
Bite of Point Loma Chair vacant  
Staff Welcome Back Lunch Chairs vacant  


College & University Liaison Nicole Taylor
Textbook Distribution Chair Pat Baker

[email protected]

Gifts & Grants Chairs


Kathee Weisenberg


[email protected]

Giving Campaign vacant  
Back to School Supplies & Teacher Wishlist Donations vacant  
MAD Days- First Days of School/Schedules Dist. Chair vacant


MAD Days- First Days of School vacant  
Incoming Parent Available


Scholarship Chair Lisa Hill [email protected]
Faculty & Staff Appreciation Week Lunch Chair  vacant


Faculty & Staff Appreciation Week Breakfast Chair  vacant  
Community Outreach/Partners in Education Chair Julie Morgan  
Year-End Social for Parents Chair vacant


Volunteer List Chair vacant  
 Class of 2021 Beth Roach
Jen Doud
Class of 2022 Kristin Rone, Sue Passman, Misty Deschenes, Leslie Slakoff
Class of 2023 Nazare Judd, Leah Frost  
Class of 2024 Leigh Burdine, Tori Curtis  


Mailing Address:
1220 Rosecrans Street, Suite 247
San Diego, CA 92106



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