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No Child Left Behind
by the U.S. Department of Education is a worldly wise, well-designed execution of a difficult task: communicating a 1,280 page law to three distinct audiences: parents, educators and legislators. The writing is crisp, the design is serviceable, and the site is easily navigated. Parents should find an easy path to the summary information they can put to work pronto.

No Child Left Behind:
A Fifty-State View by the Education Commission of the States is a useful way to view each state's progress toward meeting the letter and spirit of this profoundly important new law.

School Choices:
The Citizen's Guide to Education Reform site is compiled by free-market advocate Andrew J. Coulson. He believes competitive educational markets operate more effectively than government-run school systems.

Language Policy Website
This language maven offers an extensive library of information on the politics of language, specifically the English Only movement, English Plus, bilingual education, efforts to save endangered languages, and language rights in the USA.


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