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Video Clips & Presentations:

Technology Leads To Active Learning.
See Microsoft video clip on 21st Century learning. This is a must see!

Building the School of the Future.
Microsoft has partnered with the Philadelphia School District to build the school of the future. See this presentation.

Building a 21st Century Learning Community.
See this video clip of "next gen" school, filmed in Feb. 2004!

Voice America Edutopia.
George Lucas Educational Foundation. The Digital Age offers possibilities for a new vision of education, where technology can be a driving force to connect students and teachers with new knowledge, experts, and their communities. "Edutopia" from the George Lucas Educational Foundation explores how technology can change the way students prepare for the Digital Age.

A Laptop For Every Lap.
This School District and this government get it!

The California Technology Assistance Project.
See information literacy brochures to increase the information literacy skills. Make sure to see Information Literacy for K thru 8 and Information Literacy for 9 thru 12.

Thin Client Computing.
A computer for every student! See how thin client can scale, drive down costs!

David Thornburg
is a leader in technology integration. Browse through his columns about technology in the classroom.

Lemon Link.
See the innovative Lemon Grove School District and the new learning device for students!

Web Sites:

Partnership For 21st Century Skills
A unique public-private organization formed to define and incorporate into learning the skills that are necessary for every student's success in the 21st Century. The Partnership for 21st Century Skills brings together educators, administrators, parents, businesses, and community leaders and U.S. Department of Education.

Technology & Teaching:
PBS TeacherSource Guide.

The California Technology Assistance Project (CTAP)
A statewide educational technology leadership initiative designed to provide assistance to schools and districts in integrating technology into teaching and learning.

eSchool News Online
eSchool News is a monthly newspaper developed to provide the news and information necessary to help K-12 decision-makers successfully use technology and the Internet to transform our nation's schools and achieve educational goals.

Lemon Link
Lemon Grove School District's nationally recognized connected learning community. Lemon Link uses thin client solution to lower IT costs and enhance student experience.

Institute For Learning Technologies - Columbia University
The Institute for Learning Technologies seeks to help advance these changes by exerting educational leadership through innovative project. It aims to nurture, in a sustained manner, the humane application of information technologies, expanding educational opportunity and achievement for all. Also see The Educators Manifesto - Dr. Robbie McClintock, Columbia University.


Apple Learning Exchange.
Igniting Conversation, Imagination, Learning, and Improvement in Education. This is a great, video lipped portal of best practices!

George Lucas Educational Foundation
Telling the stories of the most innovative models of K thru 12 teaching and learning.

Microsoft Education Home Page
Microsoft's Education and Research Homepage.

Tech∙Learning is produced by Technology & Learning Magazine, with contributions from hundreds of K-12 teachers, administrators & other experts in the field.


Key Building Blocks for Student Achievement in the 21st Century
The CEO Forum. School Technology and Readiness Report.

The Power Of Internet Learning - Report to The President and the US Congress
The Power of Internet Learning, Moving from Promise to Practice. A Report of the Web-Based Education Commission to the President and the US Congress.


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