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Schedule Changes


Point Loma High School Schedule Change Policy
During registration and the first week of school schedule changes are made for errors in scheduling and inappropriate level placement only. No requests for a change of instructor will be considered.

Students and parents select classes in the spring, during articulation, with the clear expectation and understanding that the schedule created is final. Changes will be made if there is either 1) an error in scheduling or 2) an inappropriate level placement. Changing one’s mind about preferred classes does not constitute a scheduling error.

Errors in Scheduling
Examples of errors in scheduling:
  • The student is placed in Integrated Math 2 but the student earned a D/F in Integrated
    Math 1 and therefore must repeat the Integrated Math 1 class.
  • The student is not placed in a Period 3 class, therefore the student has an open period.
    Student-Initiated Changes: Completed with the student’s counselor during registration (given priority) or the first week of the semester IF there is a scheduling error that was not corrected earlier. Students should go to the counseling office during the period that contains the error or if they are not on the roster, with a pass from their teacher.
    Teacher-Initiated Changes: Class changes due to inappropriate level placement are based on the teacher’s or counselor’s professional determination that the student is inappropriately placed. Teacher-initiated changes do not come from a student or parent request.

Inappropriate Level Placement
Examples of inappropriate level placement:

  • The student is placed in Advanced Biology but did not meet the prerequisites.
  • The student is placed in higher-level Spanish without sufficient background in the
    Spanish language to succeed in the class, as determined by the teacher.
Point Loma High School’s policy concerning the changing of classes (due to inappropriate
placement) requires consideration from all the stakeholders in the school community. Beginning the first week of school until the end of the first grading period week (six weeks), teacher-initiated changes may occur, as long as specific guidelines have been met. The change must be in the best interest of the student taking into account that the leaving and receiving teachers agree to the change, and the size of both classes doesn’t violate labor agreements or district policy. The sequential procedure to facilitate an inappropriate level schedule change is that:
1) The current teacher consults with the student’s counselor and parent(s) about the student’s placement.
2) Teacher or Parent or Student turns in a Schedule Change Form with all stakeholders’ signatures.
3) If space is available in the receiving teacher’s class, the change is made by the counselor.
After the second week of school has started, the following steps must be
followed before a parent or student requested schedule change is considered:

Step 1: Student requests and completes a conference with teacher to discuss concerns.
Step 2: If step 1 does not resolve issue; parent requests and completes conference with
teacher and creates a plan of action.
Step 3: Teacher, parent, and student agree that plan of action has been implemented and
student has made every effort to succeed in class AND should still be considered for a class
- If no agreement is reached, then a request is made for an Associate Principal to mediate.
Step 4: Student obtains course request change form from counselor and obtains
signatures/approval of all affected teachers.
Step 5: Counselor may change student's schedule as long as receiving teacher has seats
available at time of the reception of the change form. Administrative approval may also be
necessary in some cases. No changes may be made after the first three weeks without approval from administration and only to meet graduation requirements for seniors or consistent SDUSD Admin.
Policy 4705.
Adopted by IGC 1/30/2017