Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! 
If you have questions for your counselor, please send them an email. 
Due to Covid-19 restrictions, staff is currently not available in the main office.  

Who is my Counselor?

 Alpha   Counselor  Email Extension
A - Dea  Ms. Sydney Kerr  skerr@sandi.net 3057
Deb - Ji Ms. Cally Fallenstein
cfallenstein@sandi.net 3059
Jo - Med  Mrs. Sarah Brandl sbrandl@sandi.net 3055
Mee - Sam Mrs. Rhiannon Soria rsoria@sandi.net  3058
San - Z  Ms. Evelyn Uribe euribe1@sandi.net  3056



Need an appointment with your Counselor? Click on the link bellow to make a request. 


Last Name A – DEA= contact Ms. Kerr https://forms.gle/Ty98MVpZimNU54Hj9

Last Name DEB – JI= contact Ms. Fallenstien  https://forms.gle/qLDL7HXSergrfc6j8

Last Name JO – MED= contact Mrs. Brandl https://forms.gle/oWzFg2ZyUPqS2fAZA

Last Name MEE – SAM= contact Mrs. Rhiannon Soria  https://forms.gle/cv3jgY5oB9F4HHU16

Last Name SAN – Z= contact Ms. Uribe  https://forms.gle/NeD2AX9YpSuY6g