Point Loma High School


MRS. REYNOLDS 2018 - 2019

Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to visit this page. I am so happy to share this year with you learning about the wonders of mathematics.
Classes this year: INTEGRATED MATH 1 (Per 3, 4, 5, 6) and INTEGRATED MATH 2 (per 1,)
Both of these classes are designed to provide the best learning opportunities for the students by creating an environment that supports research-based evidence on how  the brain learns math.
Please take the time to watch the following videos to better understand the culture of our class. These are available from the website youcubed.org which is based on the work of Dr. Jo Boaler and her team out of Stanford University.
Students will be given ample time and opportunity to learn the mathematical concepts for their class with an emphasis on visual understanding and connections.
CLASS ASSIGNMENTS are posted on the Google Classroom for each class
UNITS OF STUDY are based on the open-access (free!) curriculum found at MathematicsVisionProject.org
              Integrated Math 1             Integrated Math 2

1) See me during ADVISORY  in Room 155 and by arrangement
2) In the Library: ALL days after school. Math teachers are there to help you!
3) ADVISORY: On advisory days, get a pass from me BEFORE advisory so you can come get help

The absolute best way is to email me at sreynolds@sandi.net. I rarely answer or hear the phone in my room because the ringer doesn't have any volume and the students and I are busy mathing.

COURSE EXPECTATIONS and SYLLABI: See attachments on the right hand side