¡Bienvenidos al la clase de español!


Here are the Google Classroom codes for the 2023-2024 school year:


Message to my students:


Feel like you don't know/remember enough Spanish to be successful in this class?    

Anxious about the expectations for this class (on top of those for your other classes)?


Stressed out about life in general?

                                                                Don't worry, I've got you covered! :-)

I understand and empathize with your stress.  I know that students are coming into this class with varying levels of proficiency in Spanish, and varying levels of comfort with being back to in-person school.   Some of you are new to Point Loma this year and are worried about finding your place here.  Others have really demanding course loads and are stressed about how they will handle their classwork and extra curricular activities. 

                                                          Take a deep breath.  You will be okay in Spanish class.  

Spanish class is a place for us to have fun, learn, and for all students to be accepted and appreciated. 

I will do everything I can  to help you feel comfortable in this class, both with the material, and with the other students in the class. 


                                                                I'm looking forward to a great year with you!



*Google Classroom has all assignments, materials, links and codes to apps and platforms we use, but NOT grades.   

**PowerSchool has student grades.  Make sure to CLICK ON BLUE scores because they have teacher comments with important information.   



You will mainly see standards based assessments in Power School.  These assignments are worth points and make up your grade.  There may also be some formative (practice) work grades that have a value of zero in the gradebook (no point value) and are not calculated as part of the grade.  However, doing these practice activities builds skills so that you can show proficiency on standards based assessments. 




Please check your student's grade on PowerSchool regularly. 

Make sure to click on any scores that are BLUE.  These scores have teacher comments may explain why the student has that grade or give recommendations for what to do next.


*Make sure that your student is keeping up with classwork and homework. 

Students with a lot of checks and few or no "missing" or "late" assignments are more likely be able to show proficiency on standards based assessments, and to get an "A" or a "B" in this class.  Students with a lot of "missing" or "late" assignments tend not to do as well. 


*Check the pdf "Parent Portal First Time Access" on the right hand side of this page on how to set up a parent account




I love teaching Spanish and I am passionate about making the process of acquiring language a  fun and engaging experience for students.  I have been teaching at PLHS for over 20 years and I continue to love my job and my students.


Here is a little (well, a lot)  about me: 


I grew up in Ocean Beach and continue to live there with my husband and daughter. 


Growing up I attended Silver Gate Elementary, Dana Jr. High, Correia Jr. High and Point Loma High.


I went to college at the University of Notre Dame where I graduated with a double major in Spanish and English and a minor in Latin American Studies. While in college I participated in two study abroad programs, one in Guadalajara, Mexico and one in Mexico City, which is where I grew to love Spanish :-) 


I received my MA in Spanish from the Ohio State University where I also worked teaching "Spanish 101" to college students.


I taught English for a year in Costa Rica and then returned to San Diego where I received my teaching credential from National University. I have been teaching at PL since 1995. 


I have spent summers in Spain, Perú and Ecuador and visited many other Spanish speaking countries. I enjoy attending conferences to get new ideas and networking with other language teachers. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, planning travels and watching Korean dramas. 

Thank you for your support,