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2023-2024 1st semester google classroom code

Period1- bm7nk4g
Period2- yelxusr
Period3- i7vaha6
Period4- uz4bsgt
Period5- t5tzgo2

2022-2023 2nd semester google classroom codes

period1 - tstkwhk
period2 - yydgamg
period3 - 7poff5z
period4 - 7vlruaj
period5 - nxnn75n

Google classroom codes for 2022-2023

period1 - rapz5b4
period2 - mzgzwcf
period3 - esap3w6
period4 - rxyt6mg
period5 - l7skq3c

Period 3 Q2 google classroom

Period 2 Q2 google classroom link

Period 1 Q2 google classroom link

Google classroom links

Here's the links to join your class by period
period 1 -
period 2 -
period 3 -

google classroom

I think it will be easier if I use google classroom to start the curriculum on 4/27. If you haven't joined then please do so using code s7apgsn.