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Thank you for visiting my faculty page. My name is Noel Pomerleau and this is my 12th year teaching at Point Loma High School! I love providing my students with unique and interactive learning experiences that benefit personal and academic growth. My mission is to get students excited about education and what they can achieve with focus and drive. Below you will find information about the classes I teach and the clubs/programs I advise. 
-Yoga Physical Education (P.E. credit or elective)
-Human Body Systems Biomedical Science (D lab, Honors, & college credit course)
-Vocational Work Experience (CCTE elective)
-Link Student Ambassador Advisor 
2023-2024 Schedule
Period 1: Yoga (small gym)
Period 2: Yoga (small gym)
Period 4: Human Body Systems (Rm. 452)
Period 5: Human Body Systems (Rm. 452)
Period 6: Vocational Work Experience (Rm. 452)
*To find out where each class is held on campus, click on the associated campus map below! Please note that HBS and Work Experience meet in the same classroom 452.