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HFE and physics class as it stands right now...

HFE is going to need to be canceled as it stands. I'm not seeing a way to be able to effectively require students to complete the HFE project through distance learning. I know it can be done but the particulars would need to change and that'd take a while to hammer out. There is not time available to do that this year.
I'll also need to redo the grading for the second semester. Project category is going to disappear and those percentage points will need to be redistributed to the other categories. I'll keep you updated on that after April 6th.
The plan is to deliver materials through a google classroom (code to enroll is s7apgsn) and evaluate using illuminate online testing platform (more to come on that). It will be a bumpy road at first with lots of issues so stay calm and physics on...

here's some physics

Get a little head start on the next part of the electric circuits section. This is when we look at circuits with multiple resistances. Lectures, lecture notes, homework assignments and help videos should be accessible on our website. 
Work on HFE and stay in contact with each other.
researcher-try to send an appliance list to the engineer. List should include potential useful items from the available lists and any time of operation that might be known like how long a certain food item takes to cook.
Researcher should also share with the project manager some disaster area information and reasons why particular items from the lists should be included to help with the project managers presentation.
Project manager you can begin making a google slide presentation starting with data about the disaster.

April 2020 calendar closure affected

This will be the calendar if we come back to school on 4/6.  Be prepared for a quiz and have elec3 (follow up questions on Ohm's law lab) ready to be checked. We will rework your HFE calendars when you return. You have 2 extra weeks to prepare for the HFE, so I expect them to be outstanding! See you when I see you.