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How to start a club

We welcome any student to start a club at any time at PLHS.  We pride ourselves on the number of clubs we have annually - and on the diversity of the clubs, also.  Clubs must re-apply each year - so, even if your club was active last year, you still need to submit a club application again this year.
Here's what to do:
1.  Print the attached application.
2.  Find a faculty member who is willing to be your advisor.
3.  With that faculty member, fill out the entire packet.
4.  Bring the packet to room 405 or put in Mrs. Denney's mailbox.
5.  We will notify you once your club is approved.
6.  Email Mrs. Buchanan for bulletin notices: bbuchanan@sandi.net.
7.  Ask Mrs. Denney if you have any questions.  And, let Mrs. Denney know when your meetings/fundraisers/events are so she can add them to the club calendar.  
8.  Have fun!  Do good things with your club!  Provide service, help to connect other students to school, be positive!