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How to start a club


We welcome any student to start a club at any time at PLHS.  We pride ourselves on the number of clubs we have annually - and on the diversity of the clubs, also.  Clubs must re-apply each year - so, even if your club was active last year, you still need to submit a club application again this year.

Here's what to do:

  1.  Find a faculty member who is willing to be your advisor.
  2.  With that faculty member, fill out the club application.  First make a copy of the application, then you will be able to edit it.  Just type names in for signatures.
  3.  Email completed link (not .pdf) to Mrs. Denney at [email protected].  Be sure to adjust the settings so that anyone with the link can edit - or, you can add these specific people ([email protected][email protected],[email protected], [email protected]).
  4.  Once your club is approved, it will appear on the list of clubs here.
  5.  Email Mrs. Denney for bulletin notices - or click here.
  6.  Ask Mrs. Denney if you have any questions.  And, let Mrs. Denney know when your meetings/fundraisers/events are so she can add them to the club calendar and update your club's portion of the web site.  Please email her at [email protected] with your Zoom meeting link (if applicable) as well as day/time of your meetings so she can advertise.
  7.  Have fun!  Do good things with your club!  Provide service, help to connect other students to school, be positive!