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Opportunity Success Program

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Opportunity Success is a program designed for diploma bound students 16 years and older in 10th through 12th grades with an IEP. Our main focus is to provide support to students throughout the district who need to recover credits in order to graduate from high school. Students must have the desire to put forth the work needed in an alternative setting for part of their day so they may graduate and receive their diploma. Students enrolled in this program will be given the opportunity to recover credits using a standards based digital curriculum for courses that they received non passing grades in. Students will be enrolled in one to two courses at a time, for one to two periods per day, until all courses have been recovered. Students can progress at their own pace taking as much – or as little – time as necessary to master the material. Students will also have opportunities to enroll in additional first time elective courses. In the event that a student is too credit deficient for a 44 credit diploma, and may need an alternative diploma, Opportunity Success will assist in scheduling the student into all classes needed to meet the Option 2 requirements to create a smooth transition into TRACE at the age of 18.

The best way to contact me is through email at mmuth@sandi.net. You can also call the school and my extension is X4863.
Teacher Bio:
This is my 3rd year teaching at PLHS and 15th year in the district. I have worked at every grade level through out my career including time at central office as a district wide resource teacher.
BA History with a minor in Spanish. University of San Diego
MA Special Education. University of San Diego
MA Education Leadership. San Diego State University