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Opportunity Success Program

Hello and welcome to Mr. Muth's online lab. My online lab is for students with IEPs taking online courses that require support. My class is designed to have a small student to teacher ratio. 
Class Expectations: Students need to be logged in daily during our class period time.  2 hours a day is required to stay on track. Students must do additional work outside of our class time.
Edgenuity Structure:
-Please note the website to be used.
Students' powerschool username and password are to be used to sign in.
All students get 3 attempts on quizzes(10 questions) and unit tests (25 questions). For Midterms and Final Exams (50 questions), students only get 1 attempt. Notes can be used on all tests and quizzes. No notes allowed on English Final. History and Math only allow a one page document for notes.
Credit Recovery:(CR) -Students in credit recovery get a pre-test before a lesson. If they pass the quiz, they skip the lesson and move onto another quiz. When students fail a quiz, they will have to go through a lesson and assignments. Then they will get 2 more attempts to pass the quiz.
First Time Course:(P) -Students have to watch all the lessons and complete all the assignments. They cannot skip lessons.
Taking a Unit Test: - Students MUST have a district lap top in order to take unit tests and exams.
Contact: The best way to contact me is through email at [email protected]. or google voice (858) 381-2184. Please send me a text message and I will get back to you.


Additional Information- Option 2 Diploma

*Please note, option 2 diplomas are not completed at PLHS. Once a student completes the option 2 requirements and turns 18, they will have to enroll with High School Diploma Program (HSDP) to complete the diploma and with TRACE. TRACE  is a district program that supports students with IEPs who are 18 and are working towards this alternative diploma. For students who do complete all 24/24 credits on PLHS campus and have a 2.0 GPA, another 6  months is required after high school to complete the remaining diploma requirements of HSDP. 


Students who earn an option 2 diploma from SDUSD, cannot attend a 4 year university. They must attend junior college first. Once they complete their AA,  students can attend a 4 year university. Entrance into the military with an option 2 diploma depends on the recruiter and their requirements.  

Teacher Bio:
This is my 7th year teaching at PLHS and 20th year in the district. I have worked at every grade level including time at the central office as a district wide resource teacher.