Welcome back! Let's hope for the best year ever!
We use Google Classroom, codes are listed below.
Photography is completely online. Art will have information about daily work, sketches, and projects online, but this work will physically be turned in. Art will have activities and project reflections on Google Classroom.
Syllabi have been updated on the class pages, and will be posted in the Materials section of your Google Classroom. If you'd like a physical copy please ask.
Period 1 Art 1-2: 3okgff7
Period 2 Photo 1-2: enxd2gb
Period 3 Photo 1-2: adsbaoc
Period 4 Photo 1-2: sxryueq
Period 5 Art 1-2: m3vfkzz
Photo 3-4 All Periods: 7ql3iwd
Remember when joining GC you must use your sandi.net email address.
Please feel free to email me at [email protected] anytime, I'm pretty prompt! I am back in my BRAND NEW classroom in 304 (formerly 302, same spot just new number). It is BEAUTIFUL and I'm so excited to have pretty much new everything, including a brand new digital photography studio.
Stay healthy and safe, please don't hesitate to contact me for any reason!
Mrs. Haz