French 1-2

Course Description

Welcome to the first year of French. This course is designed to give students an introductory understanding of the French language and to expose students to basic French grammar. Students will learn to communicate (oral and written) and to read in basic French about the world around them. Proficiency will develop as students practice these skills in a variety of activities in and outside the classroom. Numerous oral and written activities provide opportunities for students to apply newly acquired skills, and students are also encouraged to relate the material to their own experiences.

Reading is taught through authentic cultural and literary selections that build vocabulary and serve as stimulus for discussion. In addition, the students will be exposed to Francophone history, culture, and geography through a variety of activities. This course is a rigorous program, which is both contextually rich and cognitively demanding. The primary objective of year one is to accumulate vocabulary and become at ease with making new sounds. Proficiencies in French 1-2 need to be met before a student can advance to French 3-4.The-course curriculum and assessments are designed to prepare students for higher-level French courses.

 Bonne chance!