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PLHS Scholarships

Scholarships are for PLHS graduating seniors only.  Seniors may apply for PLHS scholarships using the following links.  Part 1 is the common application and is a required element, it must be filled out in order to qualify for any scholarships.  Part 2 allows you to apply for individual scholarships.  Be sure to read the directions for each carefully.
The following potential scholarships may be applied to after completing the Point Loma High School Common Scholarship Application Form.

* Bennie Edens Basketball Scholarship

* Evan Nash Memorial Scholarship

* Jack Haskell Memorial Scholarship

* Point Loma High School AVID Scholarship

* Point Loma High School Math Department Scholarship

* Point Loma High School Spirit Awards

* Richard C. Ware Memorial Scholarship

* William Lee Trepanier “Coach T” Memorial Scholarship

* Larry Zeiger Film Arts Awards

* PLHS Alumni Zeiger Scholarship

* Robert Golden Leadership Award

* PLHS Class of 1949 Classmates and Friends/Sports

* PLHS Class of 1949 Classmates and Friends/Academics

* Kevin Gormly Memorial Scholarship

* Bill Hastings Memorial Scholarship

* David Wells Excellence in Athletics Scholarship

* Greg Hurder Memorial Scholarship

* The Joy Lauderbach Memorial Scholarship

* Ken Stone Memorial Scholarship

* Lois Stone Memorial Scholarship

* Margaret Harvey Baseball/Softball Scholarship

* Pointer Brothers Class of 1966 Community Involvement Scholarship

* Pointer Sisters Class of 1966 Scholarship

* Spirit of Pointer Class of 1973 Scholarship

* Point Loma High School Pointer Association Scholarship

* Soledad M. Ramos Memorial Scholarship

* Bennie Edens Memorial Scholarship

* Point Loma Kindness Project

* The Jeremy Hayes Dawe Memorial Scholarship
* The Eastman Family Scholarship
* The Kevin Gormly Scholarship
* The Bruce Sutphen Award
* The David M. Worden Scholarship

* External Scholarships (Require separate application)