College Check List


• Make sure your four-year-plan is in line with college and career aspirations

• Focus on your GPA

      (One of the most critical factors in the college admissions process.)

• Take challenging core academic classes

• Identify your abilities, interests, aptitudes

• Develop your skills and talents

• Look for leadership roles in activities

• Explore career options

• Attend college fairs and college tours

• Develop a profile on college-search websites

     (,, etc.)

• Research possible majors from interests

• Take the PSAT or the PLAN (ACT)

      Review the results with your counselor, teacher, and parent/guardian.

• Consider taking SAT subject tests with AP classes

• Begin researching college scholarships

• Attend PLHS college prep seminars, Take an SAT test-prep class

• Attend college visits at PLHS

     (Check with your counselor.)

The above is a check list of items Pointer Families want to consider throughout the High School Journey.  These items are no’t in any particular order. You can print a copy using the PDF below.