Point Loma High School

World History/Geography 2016-2017

Welcome to Mrs. Gavender's World History Class!
This year we have a rigorous curriculum planned that will emphasize developing writing skills in History. This class focuses on multiple assessments to include writing, exams, in-class work and projects. Homework is posted when needed on this website and grades are posted on PowerSchool. The First semester will focus on the rise of modern political thought, the Glorious, French and American Revolutions and the the Industrial Revolution and Imperialism. The second semester will focus on WWI, WWII, The Cold War, Korean War, Vietnam War and the demise of the Soviet Union.
Each student has received a Student workbook to be kept at home. Each week we have homework, your student will tear out the correct sheets from their study guide and turn them in. This way there are no loose pages to take home and lose. These are to stay home and sheets will be pulled out weekly to be submitted on the due date......
Students also need a notebook specifically for History and to bring their textbook when asked.