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Discussion Elected Representatives + 2016 Specific Candidates
Must know YOUR reps + districts and 2016 candidates


Your Homework in Government Class is to read, study, and review the Chapter we are working on in class. You must complete any classwork or homework you did not complete in class for homework.
You must also read the UpFront magazine and be familiar, knowledgeable, and be able to critically think about each article (that has an author) in the UpFront Magazine. You will be tested or quizzed on these UpFront articles.
The password for the New York Times UpFront is Mslove2016.
Please also keep up with Local (San Diego), State (California), National (USA), Global (World), Business, Health/Science/Environment, and Sports, Current Events.
When Projects/Papers are due you must work on them for homework. The first Project (Letter to Your Representative) is due on Monday Oct 12th, the first minute of class.