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Coach Hastings teaches Physical Education periods 1,2,3.  Welcome back for quarter 4, we will now be allowed to have a hybrid model of classes with some students choosing to return to campus for 2 days a week this quarter and other students choosing to stay online.   I will be updating my Google Classroom pages for all PE instruction and assignments.  This is where you need to check in daily for all class announcements, updates and assignments.  During quarter 4 the students who return to campus will not be suiting up at all, you will report to the field for roll call and instruction.  For the first several weeks of quarter 4 I am also remaining online, all students who return in person will check in at the start of each period with Coach Murphy.  He will take roll call and let you know what to do each day.  In person students will not have to do the Google Classroom check in for the days you are on campus, you will be given your credit for the work you do in person.  For all students who are not returning to campus or it is not your day to come to school you will do the assignments posted in Google Classroom for each day and submit by the due time for daily attendance and class credit.  Every Friday we will all be virtual, this is when we will use Zoom for instruction.  The links for both Google Classroom and Zoom are listed below.  
Google Classroom use codes for Quarter 4:
Period 1: 5o6jo4s
Period 2: pweadwl
Period 3: q77kn5s
Coach Hastings Zoom join codes and passwords for Friday classes:
Period 1
Meeting ID: 945 9911 7785
Passcode: CoachH_P1
Period 2
Meeting ID: 957 6968 0186
Passcode: CoachH_P2
Period 3
Meeting ID: 952 5266 0282
Passcode: CoachH_P3
I am looking forward to welcoming you back to our class from quarter 2 or welcoming you to our class if this is your first day with us.  Let's make Quarter 4 PE a great one! -
Coach Hastings