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New Courses!

New Courses for the 2021-2022 School Year:
Identity and Relationships 1,2
Subject area in which graduation credit will be given: English
UC subject area satisfied: b - English

Course Description:
The 9th Grade English Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum, based on the theme of Identity & Relationships, allows students to explore their own identity as well as the different identities of those around them in their diverse communities. They will also critically examine systems of power that affect themselves and their communities. They do this while working towards mastery of the CA Common Core Standards. Every unit culminates with an opportunity for students to reflect on and then share their learning. This was designed to meet the needs of ALL students --- so that students get WHAT they need, WHEN they need it, in the WAY that they need it.

 Power and Identity around the World 1,2
Subject area in which graduation credit will be given: Ethnic Studies and World History
UC subject area satisfied: a - History-Social Science

Course Description:
In this course, students will study world history from the late 1700s to the present while examining the following strands: history, geography, economics, culture, hegemony, and ethics. The course thematically explores how power and identity shape national identity, international relations, constitutional heritage, and citizenship. By analyzing primary and secondary sources from diverse perspectives throughout the world, students develop arguments and apply historical reasoning, such as contextualization, causation, and continuity and change over time in order to evaluate instances of oppression and movements towards equity. Students will understand the historical roots of current world issues, especially as they pertain to current world issues. The curriculum is designed to empower all students to engage socially and politically and to think analytically and critically about the world around them. Students will also assess how individuals can make a difference and become advocates by challenging prejudice, exclusion, injustice in society, and become protectors of the environment, by becoming civically engaged agents of change.

Data Science and Statistics 
Grades 10-12
*Can be used to meet mathematics graduation requirement in lieu of IM3, OR as a 4th year course.
Course Description:
This course will develop skills in Data Science and statistics by emphasizing a modeling approach. The General Linear Model (GLM) is used as a major connecting principle among the many concepts covered in this course. Students will learn to use data and modeling to answer questions and to critically evaluate information. This is achieved, in part, by embedding opportunities for students to engage in productive struggle, deliberate practice, and practicing explicit connections between concepts into the structure of the course and its online textbook.
The goals of the course are for students to develop the habits of mind of a data scientist, such that they can problem solve flexibly with data in a variety of situations. The course also aims to develop the practical skills needed across the stages of the Data Science cycle, including data collection, analyses, and communication of results. Furthermore, a significant goal of the course is to provide students with skills that are future-oriented, not outdated, and tied to the real-world so that they are better equipped for their future careers.