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Hi Pointer family, 

I am excited to get started with the another great school year.  A few notes:

1. Please email me with any questions, and if you are a parent of a student on my caseload, please note that we can text as well.

2. You can find the class/program syllabus on the PLHS website

3. Continual info will be provided as it pertains to community based instruction (CBI)

4. The staff and I are ALWAYS here to help...please reach out if you need anything. Also note, I will be checking in with you weekly via text/phone/in-person meeting to continue discussions around your student's success...thanks for all you do!


Below you will find a my bio as it pertains to my education experience and please continue to be on the lookout for updates going forward with distance learning (via google classroom)....



Originally from Wisconsin, Erik Brault received his BA in Communication at Arizona State University (ASU). While attending ASU, Erik also studied anthropology abroad in Australia. He earned his master's degree in Education, Special Education Teaching Credential, and Single Subject Teaching Credential from the University of Phoenix and Chapman University in Southern California.


Erik is working as a research assistant in the Department of Learning and Teaching at USD. He is an instructor for the teacher credentialing program and is a coordinator for USD's Johnson Fellows program which promotes teachers to be leaders of inclusion at their school sites. Erik also created and led a program for middle school and high school students with moderate-severe disabilities in southeast San Diego for the past decade prior coming to PLHS.


Erik’s doctoral pursuits include the level of access to education students with disabilities and their families in low-socioeconomic areas have, along with childhood drug addiction. Furthermore, teacher attitude's about disability and inclusion.