Point Loma High School



Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do I have to purchase the uniform?
    • No, all uniform parts will be issued free of charge; however, damaged or lost pieces may incur a cost. All other books, training aids and material will be provided.
  • Do I have to join the military after high school?
    • No, there is no military obligation; however, NJROTC credit on your transcript can greatly help students enlisting in the military service or interested in qualifying for an ROTC college scholarship. Point Loma HS NJROTC is proud to list the scholarships that have been awarded to PLHS cadets on our Awards page.
    • There is a $300/month difference between E-1 and E-3 pay
    • ROTC scholarships are valued at $180,000
  • When do I have to wear the uniform?
    • One day a week during designated uniform days (usually Wednesday) and events. 
  • Can I participate in NJROTC and a sport?
    • Yes, you are able to participate in both JROTC and school sports.
  • Why wouldn't I just take Physical Education (P.E.)?
    • NJROTC will count as P.E. credit for the first two years and as an elective the second two years which will all count towards graduation credit. In addition to the two physical training (PT) days and a day of drill, cadets have the advantage of learning leadership, self-confidence, self-discipline and camaraderie among other benefits which prepares students to successfully meet life's challenges.
  • Who teaches NJROTC?
    • Senior cadets lead the program and train the underclassmen. The Senior Naval Science Instructor and Naval Science Instructor respectively are a retired officer and enlisted Sailor who provide mentoring and guidance for all cadets.
  • How is NJROTC funded?
    • NJROTC is sponsored jointly by the Navy, PLHS and fundraising activities as a citizenship and leadership development program for high school students.
  • Are there any STEAM opportunities?
    • Yes, we have teams for CyberPatriots and Sea Perch that participate in local and national competitions. For CyberPatriots, cadets participate as network administrators to ward off cyber attacks and configure the system against vulnerabilities. Sea Perch is an underwater robotics activity where cadets build underwater remotely operated vehicles.
  • NJROTC sounds like a lot of work. Will I have fun?
    • Yes, NJROTC cadets take part in orientation/field trips to various naval activities and collaborate to compete in academic, drill and STEAM activities. In order to reap the benefits of the program, effort will be required. In other words, "you get what you put into it."