College Application Instructions - Class of 2022

Xello & Common App
Student Guide
Before you can begin working with Common APP in Xello, you’ll need to do the following:
1.    Sign in to Common App
2.    In the My Colleges tab, add the colleges you plan to apply to.
3.    Complete the Questions asking your preferred start term and admission plan.
4.    Go to the Recommenders and FERPA section in any of your selected colleges. 
5.    Sign the FERPA Authorization Release.
Link Your Common App Account with Xello
Once you’ve signed the FERPA Authorization Release, you’ll connect your Xello account to Common App. Connecting the two accounts means you can begin submitting requests for Common App documents and recommenders in Xello.
1.    Log in to Xello.
2.    From Student Dashboard, under Goals & Plans, click College Planning.
3.    Click View My Applications to see your full list of colleges you’re tracking.
4.    At the top of the page, in the banner with the Common App logo, click Connect to open the Common App login page 
•    A pop-up will first let you know you may need to redo tasks you have already completed. This could include assigning a counselor or requesting Teacher Evaluations. This will only apply to colleges associated with Common App. 
5.    Sign in to Common App

•    Once you’ve logged into Common App, you’ll immediately be popped back into the page you left in Xello.
•    The banner at the top of the page now states the accounts are connected.
Once the accounts are connected, the colleges in your My Colleges list in Common App will have been added to your Application Tracker in Xello. You can easily identify which colleges are linked to Common App by the badge next to the college name. 
Assign a Counselor to Send Forms
1.    Click on a college with the Common App logo to open a brief profile of that college.
2.    Next to Counselor Forms, click Assign Counselor
3.    Choose the counselor at your school in charge of your transcript and Common App forms. Click Select.
•    You’ll only need to assign a counselor once. 
4.    Click Next to return to the college page. 
•    A banner at the top of the page indicates success. 

Request Teacher Evaluations for Common App Colleges
1.    Click on a college with the Common App logo to open a brief profile of that college. 
2.    Next to Teacher Evaluations, click Request to open the list of teacher recommenders available at your school in Xello. 
3.    Choose the referrer you’d like and click Select.
4.    Click Send
Note: To request recommendations from coaches, mentors, or other community members outside of your school, use the Other Recommender section under the Recommenders & FERPA tab in your Common App account. 

Ms. Kerr (A-Esl) [email protected]
Ms. Fallenstein (Esp-Leu) [email protected]
Ms. Brandl (Lev- Reg) [email protected]
Ms. Uribe (Reh-Z) [email protected]
    • Make sure to meet ALL deadline requirements! Late Applications will not be accepted!
    • As you know, it is that time of the year to start on your College Applications! You may have already started, or about to start, so I wanted to tell you a few simple procedures to make the process easier
    • If you are applying to a CSU- Applications are ONLINE @ October 1-November 30
    • If you are applying to a UC- Applications are ONLINE @  November 1-November 30
    • If you are applying to a Private College- Research their website to get information about their application process. Many Private Colleges use the Common Application.
    • If you are applying to a Community College- Apply ONLINE on that particular Community College’s website. You can begin to fill out these applications in the SPRING.
    • FAFSA opens July 1st, 2020.  File early!!  Priority filing deadline is still March 2nd.  See Financial Aid page for more info.
    • Make sure you have taken (or are signed up to take) the ACT or SAT! This is a requirement for CSU, UC and Private Colleges. It is NOT a requirement for Community College.
    • Make sure to meet ALL deadline requirements! Late Applications will not be accepted!
    • Request all transcripts through NAVIANCE. Our Registrar keeps track of all requests through this program.
    • Start applying for scholarships….look at scholarships on NAVIANCE! Some are first come, first served, so be PRO-ACTIVE!
    • Finally, in you need anything, feel free to come see your Counselor! The sooner we start the process, the better.
    • -Ms. Kerr (A – Esl) [email protected]
    • -Ms. Fallenstein (Esp – Leu) [email protected]
    • -Ms. Brandl (Lev – Reg) [email protected]
    • -Ms. Uribe (Reh - Z) [email protected]

  • Feel free to stop by or e-mail your Counselor if you need anything!