Point Loma High School

AP Room Assignments for Testing

For AM tests, please arrive by 7:15.  For afternoon tests, please arrive by 11:15.  Students with accommodations – I’ll be sending you a summons with your testing location.  It is also indicated on the schedule.

Library exams will check in through the side door, not the main entrance. 

For all exams:

Be prepared with your ID and phone/electronic devices out – the first thing we will do is hand out Ziploc bags and ask you to bag your phone with your ID (with ID facing out).  You will then use that to check-in and turn it in to us.  You will NOT be able to access these for any reason until the test is over.

Upon entry, we’ll ask you to place any snacks/drinks you will need during breaks on a designated table.  You will only have access to them during specified break times.  Then we will ask you to place all personal belongings/bags in one secured area of the room.  Note you will NOT be able to access these for any reason until the test is over.

Please check this site if you have any questions about what you may/may not bring to the tests:  https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/ap-coordinators/on-exam-day/what-students-can-cannot-bring

Note the student packs are retained at the school and will be distributed to students at each test – and turned in after each test finishes.  Please DO NOT take them home until you’ve taken your last AP exam.

All students will remain in the testing room for the duration of the test.

If you have changed your mind and will no longer be taking a test you ordered, please let me know. 

That’s it!  Get a good night’s sleep prior to test days, and good luck!

Mrs. Denney

Room 405

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