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SDUSD's GATE Program Mission Statement:

All San Diego Unified GATE students will graduate with the habits of mind to become lifelong scholars, critical thinkers, innovators, leaders, and global citizens.

Point Loma High School offers specialized courses and class structure for its Gifted and Talented Education Program Cluster and Seminar students.

Attention GATE Parents! 
Please email me at robertbates@cox.net to be included in our PLHS GATE Parent email list. Learn about current GATE Cluster and Seminar activities at PLHS, as well as throughout the SDUSD.

For specific GATE curriculum questions, please contact our PLHS GATE Team Leader, Mrs. Cindy Hedges at chedges@sandi.net

Rob Bates
PLHS GATE Parent Representative

Points of Contact:
PLHS GATE Team Leader - Cindy Hedges 
PLHS District Advisory Council Parent Representative - Rob Bates 

 Check out the SDUSD website http://sandi.net/GATE for GATE information, including an invitation to attend the Distinguished Lecture Series presentations for parents.

The GATE Department of San Diego also invites parents to attend the monthly GATE District Advisory Council Meetings in Old Town to get the latest news and to share information!